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Revenue Canada has special tax incentives that make contributions beneficial to the donor. Contact our office to learn more about donor benefits.

Leamington District Memorial Hospital Foundation's, 'Leave a Legacy' program provides you with the unique opportunity to support quality health care in your community. There are many options available to match individual 'Giving Needs'. Not only can giving be personally satisfying, there are numerous financial benefits that can be gained through various ways.

These include:

It is very important to have a Will, because if you leave no specific instructions as to how your property is to be distributed, it may be apportioned contrary to your wishes. Through your Will you may use several options to leave LDMH Foundation a percentage of your estate or a specific amount you choose.

Life Insurance
By making LDMH Foundation the owner & beneficiary of your policy, you are entitled to a charitable donation receipt for the value of the policy. You are also eligible for charitable donation receipt for each premium paid that are still owing. Such a gift enables you to be a major donor for the Foundation's future at a modest current cost and receive tax savings as well. This may be done with an existing policy or you may wish to take out a new plan with the Foundation as the beneficiary.

Remainder Trusts
This concept allows an individual to contribute a sum of money or property (capital) to a Charitable Remainder Trust (Foundation), and receive a donation receipt equal to the present value of the remainder interest, yet allows the individual to receive the income generated by the capital on an annual basis.

With this plan a specific amount of money is given to the Foundation and you receive an annual income, for life, from this investment tax-free while claiming a tax deduction at the time the annuity is purchased.

Donating Registered Plans
You may also donate stock, bonds, G.I.C.'s and other securities to LDMH Foundation and receive an immediate tax receipt for your gift.

When considering any of these options it is important to contact your personal solicitor, financial planner or accountant to discuss your individual situation.

For a free copy of our 'Leave a Legacy' guide call or write the the Foundation office.

For more information about these Leave a Legacy options visit, call or email the Foundation Office.

Phone:     (519) 326-2373 (ext. 4143)

Address:  LDMH Foundation
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Ross Barnwell, Director of Development

Please contact the Foundation Office for more information on our Donor Recognition Program.

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